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XYZ CD, Hungry, Import, 1999, Remastered, Bonus Track, Great White

$60.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Features current Great White vocalist Terry Ilous.  Original 1999 Axe Killer Records release.  UPC # 3596971 513924.  This is not a promotional version - no promo holes, promo slices, or promo marks.

1. Face Down in the Gutter
2. Don't Say No
3. Fire & Water
4. When the Night Comes Down
5. Off the Sun
6. Feels Good
7. Shake Down the Walls
8. When I Find Love
9. H.H. Boogie
10. Sun Also Rises in Hell
11. Roll of the Dice
12. Whiskey on a Heartache
13. Two Wrongs Can Make a Bitch (Bonus Track)

Album Notes
XYZ: Terry Ilous (vocals); Marc Diglio (guitar); Pat Fontaine (bass); Paul Monroe (drums).
Engineers include: George Tutko, Dennis MacKay, Neil Kernon.
Recorded at Music Grinder, Dodge City, Kansas, Studio 56 & Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California.
XYZ wasn't the best heavy metal/hard rock band that came out of Los Angeles in the 1980s; the headbangers weren't in a class with Guns 'N Roses or Mötley Crüe, although their work was generally decent. That is certainly true of Hungry, which didn't go down in history as one of metal's all-time masterpieces but isn't a bad album either. XYZ never claimed to be the most innovative band in the world, and Hungry is far from groundbreaking. But while the material is derivative, it's also satisfying and enjoyable. The CD's most memorable and inspired tracks (which include "Face Down in the Gutter" and "When the Night Comes Down") point to the fact that when they really got going, the Angelinos did have a way with a hook and a riff. Also noteworthy is a forceful cover of Free's "Fire and Water." To its credit, XYZ doesn't try to provide a carbon copy of the original -- the headbangers put their own spin on Free's song and demonstrate that "Fire and Water" could be relevant to the hair metal scene of 1991. Unfortunately for XYZ and other hair bands, that scene wouldn't last much longer -- when Nirvana and Pearl Jam exploded commercially in 1992 and alternative rock took over in a major way, hair bands like XYZ suddenly found themselves being ignored by MTV. But that doesn't make Hungry and other XYZ releases any less decent. ~ Alex Henderson

Guaranteed to play perfectly.