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Warrior Soul CD, Last Decade Dead Century, Slipcase, Bonus Trks, Remastered

$40.00 USD

Cd, case, slipcase and inserts are in NEW / Factory Sealed condition.  2006 Escapi Music pressing. Digitally remastered, including 3 bonus tracks.  This is not a promotional version, no drill holes, slices, or markings.

1. I See the Ruins
2. We Cry Out
3. The Losers
4. Downtown
5. Trippin' on Ecstasy
6. One Minute Year
7. Superpower Dreamland
8. Charlie's Out of Prison
9. Blown Away
10. Lullaby
11. In Conclusion
12.  Charlie's out of Prison (Bonus Live)
13.  The Losers (Bonus Live)
14.  I See Ruins (Bonus Live)

Guaranteed to play perfectly.