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Virgin Steele CD, Age of Consent, T&T / Modern Music Records, Import

$20.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  T&T / Modern Music pressing. This is not a promotional version, no drill holes, slices, or markings.

1. The (Cry for Pompeii) Burning of Rome
2. Let It Roar
3. Prelude to Evening
4. Lion in Winter
5. Stranger at the Gate
6. Perfect Mansions (Mountains of the Sun)
7. Coils of the Serpent
8. Serpent's Kiss
9. On the Wings of the Night
10. Seventeen
11. Tragedy
12. Stay on Top
13. Chains of Fire
14. Desert Plains
15. Cry Forever
16. We Are Eternal

Guaranteed to play perfectly.