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Triumph 8-Track Tape, NEW, Progressions of Power

$30.00 USD

Triumph - Progressions of Power

This 8-Track is still factory sealed.

    "I Live for the Weekend" (Gil Moore, Mike Levine, Rik Emmett) – 5:15
    "I Can Survive" (Moore, Levine, Emmett) – 4:04
    "In the Night" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 6:16
    "Nature's Child" (Levine, Moore) – 5:45
    "Woman in Love" (Moore, Levine, Emmett) – 4:44
    "Take My Heart" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 3:33
    "Tear the Roof Off" (Moore, Levine, Emmett) – 4:34
    "Finger Talkin'" (Emmett) – 2:02
    "Hard Road" (Emmett, Levine, Moore) – 5:25

Guaranteed to play perfectly.