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The Jam CD, The Gift, RARE Japan Import w/ Obi, Orig Polydor, Town Called Malice

$40.00 USD

The Jam - The Gift [Cat. No.:  P33P 25016]
Cd, case, inserts and obi strip are in mint / near mint condition, guaranteed to play perfectly.  Obi is attached to case and shows normal wear from opening and closing but has no tears and text is not affected.  Front insert has minor wear, though no text or graphics are affected.  Case has medium wear and a small crack; I will gladly ship a separate, new case if asked, but I wouldn't recommend trying to remove the obi from the original.  Cd is nearly flawless.  Original Polydor Records CD release; made in Japan.  Features the hit single "Town Called Malice" plus 10 other tracks.  This is NOT a promotional copy.  No need to ask, I do not sell bootlegs.

1. Happy Together
2. Ghosts
3. Precious
4. Just Who Is The 5 0' Clock Hero?
5. Trans Global Express
6. Running on the Spot
7. Circus
8. The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong
9. Carnation
10. Town Called Malice
11. The Gift