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The Housemartins CD, London , Fibits: CD, LP & Cassette Store

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Cds, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 1986 Elektra Records pressing.  This is not a promotional version, no promo holes, slices, or marks.

1. Happy Hour
2. Get up Off Our Knees
3. Flag Day
4. Anxious
5. Reverends Revenge
6. Sitting on a Fence
7. Sheep
8. Over There
9. Think for a Minute
10. We're Not Deep
11. Lean on Me
12. Freedom
13. I'll Be Your Shelter (Just Like a Shelter)
14. People Get Ready
15. The Mighty Ship
16. He's My Brother He Ain't Heavy

Contributing Artists:    Pete Wingfield
Producer:    John Williams

Album Notes
Personnel: Hugh Whitaker (vocals, bass voice, drums); Paul Heaton (vocals, guitar, harmonica, melodica, chimes); Stan Cullimore (vocals, guitar); Norman Cook (vocals, bass guitar); Tony Pleeth, Anthony Pleeth (cello); Jeff Wood , Pete Wingfield (piano).Recording information: Strongoom Studios; Strongroom Studios, London, England.Photographers: Gino Sprio; Nikki Rodgerson; Gus Devlin.With their music far too rooted in R&B, the Housemartins were never "officially" part of the C86 movement (named after a British music magazine's influential 1986 compilation album that featured the Wedding Present, Wolfhounds, Primal Scream, and others). But their jangling guitars, the social criticism of their lyrics, and their gleefully cynical outlook were fully in line with the C86-ers. The debut LONDON 0 HULL 4 (1986) is chock-full of catchy tunes, great lyrics, and Paul Heaton's exceptional vocals. This is one of the great records of the '80s.Standouts include the chipper "Get up off Our Knees," carried on a bright acoustic-guitar line and choral-type backing vocals, "Think For a Minute," a wistful track featuring Heaton's falsetto vocals, the percussion-and-bass-driven "We're Not Deep" (complete with sing-along "ba ba baba ba"s), and "The Mighty Ship," a hyper harmonica instrumental. The album's trio of gospel standards is also of note. A staggeringly brilliant take on Luther Ingram's "I'll Be Your Shelter" features Heaton's voice, alternately growling and soaring, a barreling piano, and a full-on choral backing. Start to finish, this record is a masterpiece.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.