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The Broadcasters CD, 13 Ghosts, Enigma Pressing

$8.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in excellent condition.  There is light wear on the front insert and cd case.  Original 1987 Enigma Records Pressing. There is a tiny promo drill hole on the front insert. 

Down In The Trenches 3:29
Dangerouus World 2:47
Hole In My Heart (And My Love Leaked Out) 1:56
A Darker Shade Of Night 3:33
Black Water 2:47
I Can Only Give You Everything 3:06
Walls Of The City 3:01
Letters From The Dead 3:27
Endless Night 3:21
Turn The Lights Low 2:18
Burnin' Bloody Sun 3:23
House Of Blue Lights 2:52
Goodbye 3:30

Guaranteed to play perfectly.