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The Black League ‎– Ichor CD, Spinefarm, Sweden

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Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Made in Sweden.  Original Spinefarm Records Pressing.  This is not a promotional version.

1. Doomwatcher
2. One Colour Black
3. Deep Waters
4. Goin' to Hell
5. Avalon
6. We Die Alone
7. Pt. 2, The Everlasting
8. Ozymandias
9. Blood of the Gods
10. Bunker King
11. Winter Winds Sing
12. Ecce Homo!
13. Night on Earth

Album Notes
The Black League: Taneli Jarva (vocals, bass); Alexi Ranta, Mike Valanne (guitar); Sir Luttinen (keyboards, drums).Recorded at Tico Tico Studio, Kimo, Finland.Personnel: Anu, Taneli Jarva (vocals); Maike Valanne, Alexi Ranta (guitar); Sir Luttinen (keyboards, drums); Jaana (background vocals).Audio Mixer: Mikko Karmila.Recording information: La La Records, Helsinki, Finland (12/1999-02/2000); Tico-Tico Studio, Kemi, Finland (12/1999-02/2000).Photographers: A. Huhtela; Leonid Kiarfal; Pekka Ala-Aho; Miira-Mari Manninen; Tuula Lausmaa.Ichor marks the long-awaited return of singer Taneli Jarva, who five years prior to the album's 2000 release had quit one of Finland's leading metal bands, Sentenced, seemingly at the peak of the group's popularity. And listening to his new band project, the Black League, it becomes easier to see why he quit in the first place, for stylistically speaking, this band pretty much picks up where mid-era Sentenced stood upon Jarva's departure (Sentenced subsequently descended into questionably commercial territory). Joined by drummer Kimmo Luttinen (his former Impaled Nazarene running mate) and a number of relative newcomers, Jarva generally remains faithful to his former band's powerful, post-Gothenburg death metal style, but with an added sense for atmospheric dynamics that is often reminiscent of progressive-minded cross-border rivals like Dark Tranquillity and Tiamat. Up-tempo rockers (the term may seem like a stretch, but that's really what they are) like "One Colour Black" and "We Die Alone" fare quite well, but it's the Black League's slower, more contemplative numbers that often deliver the most inspiring moments with their beautiful guitar harmonies and mournful acoustic figures. These include album standouts like "Deep Waters," "The Everlasting, Pt. 2," and the excellent "Ozymandias," combining mysterious Eastern melodies with thunderous power chords. As it unfolds, the album keeps building momentum, with the crushing riffs of "Blood of the Gods" and "Bunker King" providing further highlights before the final epic "Night on Earth" -- a welcome return for one of Finland's top metal talents. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Guaranteed to play perfectly.