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The Beautiful South CD, Choke

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Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  It looks unplayed and new.  Original Elektra Records Pressing.  Has a tiny promo hole on barcode and front insert (pictured).

1. Tonight I Fancy Myself
2. My Book
3. Let Love Speak up Itself
4. Should've Kept My Eyes Shut
5. I've Come For My Award
6. Lips
7. I Think the Answer's Yes
8. A Little Time
9. Mother's Pride
10. I Hate You (But You're Interesting)
11. The Rising of Grafton Street

Producer: Mike Hedges

Album Notes
The Beautiful South: Paul Heaton, David Stead, David Rotheray, Dave Hemingway, Sean Welch, Briana Corrigan.Additional personnel: Kevin Brown (saxophone); Gary Barnacle (saxophone, flute); Tony Robinson (trumpet); Peter Thoms (trombone); Damon Butcher (piano, keyboards); Pete Wingfield (piano); Jody Kitson (percussion).The follow-up to the Beautiful South's lauded debut, WELCOME TO THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH, 1990's CHOKE furthered frontman Paul Heaton's vision of equally tuneful and cynical pop. While the standout track is "A Little Time," a breezy-yet-bruising duet with Briana Corrigan that managed to top the British singles chart, CHOKE also presents a number of other Beautiful South classics, including the lively "My Book" and the soulful "Let Love Speak Up Itself." Given that Heaton and company lost a little momentum after this outing, CHOKE is widely deemed to be the end of the U.K. ensemble's first golden era.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.