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The Balancing Act CD, Curtains, 1988 IRS

$5.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 1988 IRS Records Pressing.  There is a promo slice on the front and back insert (pictured)

1. Generator
2. She Doesn't Work Here
3. Lost in the Mail
4. Red Pants and Romance
5. Dangerous Roof
6. Can You Get to That
7. Understanding Furniture
8. Sleep on the Trusty Floor
9. Fishing in Your Eye
10. Between Two Oceans
11. Learning How to Cheat

Album Notes
Personnel: Jeff Davis, Steve Wagner (vocals, guitar); Robert Blackmon (vocals, drums, percussion); Willie Aron (guitar, melodica, keyboards, drums).Gang of Four's Andy Gill produced the third and final record from L.A.'s Balancing Act, which adds touches of jazz and jagged electric guitar to the band's eccentric folk-rock sound. The album boasts the group's best collection of songs, as well as a cover of Funkadelics' Can You Get to That, and in a close call is probably the first choice among the individual releases, although go for the Three Squares/Campfire Songs CD if you can find it. ~ Brett Hartenbach

Guaranteed to play perfectly.