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T-Ride CD, Self-titled, S/T, Same, Joe Satriani, Original Pressing

$20.00 USD

Cd and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Still includes original purchase receipt from '92.  Cd case has very light wear and a silver security sticker on it, no cracks, looks great.  Original 1992 Hollywood Records Pressing.  This is not a promotional version - no promo holes, promo slices, or promo marks.  

1. Zombies from Hell
2. Backdoor Romeo
3. Ride
4. You and Your Friend
5. I Hunger
6. Luxury Cruiser
7. Hit Squad
8. Bad Girls and Angels
9. Bone Down
10. Fire It Up
11. Heroes and Villains

Album Notes
T-Ride: Jeff Tyson (guitar); Dan Arlie (bass, vocals); Eric Valentine (drums).Composer: Dan Arlie.Personnel: Eric Valentine (vocals, drums, background vocals); Dan Arlie (vocals); Jeff Tyson (guitar, background vocals).Audio Mixer: Eric Valentine .Recording information: H.O.S. Recording, San Francisco, CA (06/1991-10/1991); H.O.S., San Francisco, CA (06/1991-10/1991).Illustrator: Sean Wyett.Photographer: Glenn Wexler.Joe Satriani rightfully proclaimed T-Ride as the future of metal, but their debut came during the holocaust of hair, creating nary a ripple as grunge flooded America. This self-titled sole release is a lost treasure, swinging with the dignified dexterity of Queen, the surround sweeps of Def Leppard, and the retail ranting of the Tubes. Bassist and lead yelper Arlie possesses both of Axel's amazing octaves, but this Cali trio's sound is wholly unique, and the LP is one of the sharpest metal works ever. "Luxury Cruiser" rolls right alongside "Red Barchetta" and "Highway Star" in the greatest "I'm in love with my car" song race. The album's obligatory ballad, "You and Your Friend," is another dazzler, beating "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" and "Women in Love" in the m‚nage … trois finals. Plus, "Back Door Romeo" probes "Nothin' to Lose" and "Knocking at Your Back Door" in the ways of trunk exploration. Finally, "Heroes and Villains" updates the Bon Jovi/Desperado outlaw anthem with a twist. T-Ride swerves through the metal canon, hot-wiring a fresh spin on every bit they belt out before riding off into the stylish summer sunset. ~ Doug Stone

Guaranteed to play perfectly.