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Samhain CD, Final Descent, NEW, 2001 EviLive Records / E-Magine EMA 6 1062-2, NEW

$45.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in NEW / Factory Sealed condition.  Original 2001 EviLive Records / E-Magine pressing. This is not a promotional version, no drill holes, slices, or markings.

1. Night Chill
2. Descent
3. Death... In Its Arms
4. Lords of the Left Hand
5. The Birthing
6. Twist of Cain
7. Lords of the Left Hand - (second version)
8. Trouble
9. Possession

Album Notes
All tracks have been digitally remastered.Recording information: 1986.Still undecided on whether to play punk or heavy metal, Glenn Danzig tried to mix them both with a little goth in Samhain. This was recorded towards the very end of their career, and the music works more as a preview to his next band (just called Danzig). The original version of "Twist of Cain," one of Danzig's biggest hits, is found here in a far more raw form. And "Trouble," which they would include on their Thrall Demonsweat Live album, is covered here with a humorous goth tinge. In fact, both songs are almost better here if only because Glenn wasn't taking himself as seriously in Samhain as he would in Danzig. "The Birthing" chugs along with speed metal guitars, yet Glenn's voice still has the angry croon that made the Misfits such a treat in their original incarnation. And both versions of "Lords of the Left Hand" work as well as they do because of the strong vocals. This is a transition album, with Glenn experimenting with several different musical styles without any definite direction. But thanks to his strong songwriting skills and passionate voice, even this experimental album is a treat to his legion of fans. This isn't the place to start your Samhain collection, but
 it is still a very good album. ~ Bradley Torreano

Guaranteed to play perfectly.