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Sam Kinison CD, Have You Seen Me Lately

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Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 1988 Warner Brothers Records pressing.  This is not a promotional version, no holes, slices for marks.

1. Rock Against Drugs?
2. Rubber Love
3. The (Bakker) Story of Jim
4. Robo-Pope
5. Mother Mary's Mystery Date
6. Jesus the Miracle Caterer
7. Heart-Stoppers
8. Buddies
9. Lesbians Are Our Friends
10. Pocket Toys
11. Sexual Diaries
12. The Butt and the Bible
13. Parties With the Dead
14. Wild Thing

Album Notes
Personnel: Sam Kinison (vocals); Loud 'N' Proud, C.C. DeVille (vocals, guitar); Michael Baird , Jimmy Shubert, Michael Amato, Peter Paterno, Nick Aero, Mitchell Walters, John Niciforos, Carl Labove, Allan Stephan, Sparky Chervitz, Rudy Sarzo, Vince Neil (vocals); Mike Baird (drums).Recording information: Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, Orlando, FL; One On One Recording, North Hollywood, CA.Photographer: Raul Vega.Sam Kinison's 1986 debut album Louder Than Hell was genius standup comedy. He was a loud, rude, unapologetically vulgar party animal -- and remarkably insightful. Kinison also earned small acting roles, most notably as the scene-stealing history professor in the Rodney Dangerfield movie Back to School. The former preacher had made a mark on pop culture as a "rock & roll comic" by the time of his second album, 1988's Have You Seen Me Lately? "Rubber Love" caused a controversy with Kinison's comments on safe sex, homosexuals, and AIDS. Warner Bros. even caved and placed a sticker on the album saying the contents did not reflect its corporate views. "The Story of Jim (Bakker)" is an appropriate lambasting of the fallen, hypocritical TV evangelist and his "innocent" mistress Jessica Hahn, who actually became one of Kinison's lovers. "Mother Mary's Mystery Date" is another daring, funny commentary on religion as Kinison speculates on Joseph's skepticism of the Virgin Mary's immaculate conception. Kinison acknowledges his audience's uneasiness with religious jokes on "Heart-Stoppers" and admits God might punish him with death; the bit eerily foreshadows Kinison's future. "Buddies" outlines a specific, X-rated prank that a man's friends may perpetrate on him while he's drunk. On the hysterical "Sexual Diaries," Kinison advises men to be wildly creative and aggressive lovers. That way, he argues, if your woman leaves you for another man, he has a lot to live up to. "The Butt and the Bible" and "Parties With the Dead" are beyond tasteless, which, in Kinison's hands, guarantees hilarity. "Wild Thing" is a reworked novelty version of the Troggs' hit. The most disturbing track is "Rock Against Drugs." Kinison disgustedly mocks anti-drunk-driving campaigns, but in 1992 he was killed by a drunk driver in a car crash. ~ Bret Adams

Guaranteed to play perfectly.