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Rick Wakeman CD, Voyage, Yes, Very Best Of, Greatest Hits, 2-Disc, 1996 A&M

$35.00 USD

Rick Wakeman - Voyage (The Very Best of Rick Wakeman) [Cat. No.:  540 567-2]
Cds, case, and inserts are in mint / near mint condition, guaranteed to play perfectly.  Very light wear on the outside of the case; CDs and inserts look like new.  Original 1996 A&M Records compilation CD release from the keyboardist and songwriter for Yes.  Includes 21 of Wakeman's best solo tracks.  This is NOT a promotional copy.  No need to ask, I do not sell bootlegs.

1. Catherine of Aragon
2. Catherine Howard
3. Jane Seymour
4. Anne Boleyn
5. Arthur
6. Merlin the Magician
7. After the Ball
8. Ice Run
9. March of the Gladiators
10. After the Ball
11. Ice Run
12. March of the Gladiators
13. Summertime
14. Temperment of Mind
15. The Journey/Recollection
16. The Battle/The Forest
17. Crime of Passion
18. Judas Iscariot
19. Hibernation
20. Free Song
21. The Maker