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Queensryche CD, Self-titled, S/T, Same, EP, Geoff Tate CDP-7-90615-2

$10.00 USD

The EP that started it all.  CD, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 1988 EMI pressing.  This is not a promotional copy.

1. Queen of the Reich
2. Nightrider
3. Blinded
4. Lady Wore Black, The
5. Prophecy


Queensryche: Geoff Tate (vocals); Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton (guitar); Eddie Jackson (bass); Scott Rockenfield (drums).  

Recorded at Triad Studios, Redmond, Washington in 1982.  The underground buzz that swirled around Queensryche's self-produced EP resulted in a major deal with EMI Records, without so much as a single live show. Much like early Fates Warning records, the band's sound was heavily influenced by the blazing drums and lightning guitar harmonies made famous by Iron Maiden. Vocalist Geoff Tate's soaring tenor voice caught the attention of metal fans around the world, starting with his sustained high E that opens "Queen Of The Reich" and never letting go from there. His masterful technique and wide range showed a hint of what were to be the seeds of the Queensryche sound on "The Lady Wore Black." The inclusion of the rare track "The Prophecy" (recorded during the RAGE FOR ORDER sessions) is a special treat for 'Ryche fans.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.