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Queensryche CD, Operation Mindcrime, Original Pressing

$10.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  There is an indention on the back of the front insert from one of the tabs (the last two pages), otherwise looks perfect, not detectable on the cover.  Original 1988 EMI pressing. No promo holes, slices, or marks.

1. I Remember Now

2. Anarchy-X

3. Revolution Calling

4. Operation: Mindcrime

5. Speak

6. Spreading the Disease

7. The Mission

8. Suite Sister Mary

9. The Needle Lies

10. Electric Requiem

11. Breaking the Silence

12. I Don't Believe in Love

13. Waiting for 22

14. My Empty Room

15. Eyes of a Stranger
Album Notes:
Queensryche: Geoff Tate (vocals, keyboards); Chris DeGarmo (acoustic 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, guitar synthesizer); Michael Wilton (acoustic 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar); Eddie Jackson (bass); Scott Rockenfield (drums, percussion).Additional personnel: Pamela Moore (vocals).Recorded at Kajem/Victory Studios, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. Includes liner notes by Paul Suter.Personnel: Geoff Tate (vocals); Michael Kamen (cello); Eddie Jackson (bass guitar).Audio Mixer: James Barton .Recording information: Kajem; Studio, Morin Heights, Canada; Victory Studios, Gladwyne, PA.Photographer: Robert Andrew.Unknown Contributor Roles: Anthony Valentine; Scott Mateer; Mike Snyder; Debbie Wheeler; Pamela Moore.The album that preceded this release, RAGE FOR ORDER, came as a surprise to some fans because of the group's appropriation of electronic sound-generating techniques. Undeterred, the band composed its most challenging work yet, the epic concept album OPERATION: MINDCRIME. Originally issued in 1988, the hard-edged album slowly worked its way up the charts and became the band's first gold-certified release (an opening slot on Def Leppard's sold-out HYSTERIA tour certainly didn't hurt, either). The story-line centers on a drug addict who falls in love with a former prostitute turned nun. Together, they uncover a dangerous underground movement and try to stop it before it's too late.OPERATION: MINDCRIME remains Queensryche's best and most consistent release--most of the tracks can be enjoyed out of the context of the storyline on the strength of their songwriting and instrumental performances. Individual standouts include the two popular MTV hits "I Don't Believe in Love" and "Eyes of a Stranger," as well as the lesser-known "Anarchy X," "Revolution Calling," the title track, "Speak," "Spreading the Disease," and the more than 10-minute long epic "Suite Sister Mary." For fans of metal with a prog-rock edge, OPERATION: MINDCRIME is definitely one of the '80's best.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.