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Ozric Tentacles CD, Erpland, Digi, Snapper Classics

$15.00 USD

Cd, digi-case are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 2003 Snapper Classics Records Pressing.  This is not a promotional version.

1. Eternal Wheel
2. Toltec Spring
3. Tidal Covergence
4. Sunscape
5. Mysticum Arabicola
6. Crackerblocks
7. The Throbbe
8. Erpland
9. Valley of a Thousand Thoughts
10. Snakepit
11. Iscence
12. A Gift of Wings

UPC: 636551613620
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Format: CD
Release Year: 2003
Record Label: Snapper
Genre: General, Progressive Rock, Rock & Pop

Album Notes
Also available in a 3-pack with PUNGENT ELFUNGENT and BECOME THE OTHER.Ozric Tentacles includes: Ed Wynne (guitar).All tracks have been digitally remastered.ERPLAND (originally a double LP) is the Ozric Tentacles' first CD proper and sets the tone for the records that follow. Let the wizard lead you throughout these uncharted lands, across the rainbow-splashed peninsula on the cover, as you bask in the radioactive glow of "Eternal Wheel," tumbling to and fro on a river of bubbling sequencers and cybertronic guitars. Prepare yourself for the mental journeys across inner space and "Mysticum Arabicola," where tablas pound out the future sounds of India, while above, our alien ancestors descend to reclaim the planet that was once their own, their starship's lights shimmering and boosters blasting the approaching earth into obsidian. This is music of colors, energy, and vitality; impeccably produced and extremely well executed. It would be a high crime to not enjoy the galloping sequencers, outerreach electronics, coruscating guitar lines, and enthralling percussion of the Ozrics on anything but the best that high fidelity has to offer.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.