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Neil Young, International Harvesters, A Treasure, Blu ray ONLY

$10.00 USD

BLUE RAY ONLY, THE CD IS MISSING, envelope-case and insert are in excellent condition.  Light wear on  envelope.  This is not a promotional version, no holes, slices or marks.

Blu-Ray pressing normally includes bonus CD edition (CD IS MISSING). 2011 live archive release from veteran singer/songwriter Neil Young, recorded during his 1984-85 U.S. tours with the International Harvesters. A Treasure features Young's onstage work with some of the greatest artists in the history of Country music, including the late, great Ben Keith on steel and slide guitar and Rufus Thibodeaux on fiddle, along with living legends Spooner Oldham and Hargus "Pig" Robbins on piano, Tim Drummond and Joe Allen on bass, Anthony Crawford on mandolin and guitars and Karl Himmel on drums, among many others.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.