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Molly Hatchet CD, The Essential, Best of , Greatest

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Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition. Original Legacy Records pressing.  This is not a promotional version. 

1. Bounty Hunter
2. Flirtin' With Disaster
3. Dreams I'll Never See
4. Whiskey Man
5. Boogie No More
6. Beatin' the Odds
7. Penthouse Pauper
8. Bloody Reunion
9. Respect Me in the Morning
10. Fall of the Peacemakers
11. Sweet Dixie
12. Satisfied Man
13. Straight Shooter
14. Gator Country - (live)

Album Notes
Molly Hatchet includes: Danny Joe Brown (vocals); John Galvin (vocals, keyboards); Duane Roland, Dave Hlubek (guitar); Banner Thomas (bass); Bruce Camp (drums).Producers: Tom Werman, Terry Manning.Compilation producer: Jeff Magid.Recorded between 1978 & 1985. Includes liner notes by Jaan Uhelszki.Personnel: John Galvin (vocals, keyboards); Danny Joe Brown Band, Riff West, Jimmy Farrar, Joyce Kennedy (vocals); Dave Hlubek (guitar, slide guitar, background vocals); Duane Roland (guitar, slide guitar); Steve Holland, Scott Shelley, Dru Lombar (guitar); Jai Winding (keyboards); Banner Thomas (bass guitar); Bruce Crump, Barry "B.B. Queen" Borden (drums).Recording information: Bee Jay Recording Studios, Orlando, FL (1978-1985); Compass Point Studios Nassau Bahamas (1978-1985); Dallas TX (1978-1985); Jacksonville, FL (1978-1985); The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA (1978-1985); The Sound Pit, Atlanta, GA (1978-1985).Photographers: Paul McAlpine; Ron Pownall.Molly Hatchet's long and illustrious career has many times taken the band down a highway late at night, going from town to town unflinchingly rocking many to their foundations. It's easy to imagine the bandmembers reveling in all-night partying and playing some steely-eyed, good-time simple rock & roll with every ounce of sweat and soul in their bodies. Then right before the run rises, they have to pack up and get ready to do it all over again the next night in some other lonely town in another lonely place. It's the story of many an American band, and no one tells it better than Molly Hatchet. Showing relentless pride for its roots, Molly Hatchet unabashedly tells the story of the South and rocks harder than most of its contemporaries, and this essential release covers all of the bases from the band's decades of rocking without mercy. Hatchet fans need not look any further than to put this collection on their shelves. It's the audio diary of a band whose legacy is finally due. ~ Rob Theakston

Guaranteed to play perfectly.