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Mike Varney & Shrapnel Records Presents CD, Marty Friedman, Becker, Howe, Sheehan, Macalpine

$25.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in excellent condition.  Light wear on front insert / slight bend on the left side (pictured), cd is beautiful.  Original Shrapnel Records pressing.  This is not a promotional version.

1 Black Cat - Cacophony - Friedman, Jason Becker, Deen Castronovo
2 Bad Racket - Greg Howe, Billy Sheehan, Atma Anur
3 Altitudes - Jason Becker, Atma Anur
4 Scarified - Racer X, Jeff Martin, Gilbert, Scott Travis, Alderete, Bouillet
5 West World - Apocrypha
6 Forbidden City - Marty Friedman, Castronova
7 Motor Man - Racer X
8 Out of the Sun - Joey Tafolla, Wally Voss, Tony Macalpine
9 Villa (2631) - Dr. Mastermind, Kurt James, Castronovo

Guaranteed to play perfectly.