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Miami Sunburn Remedy CD, Ten Hot Bands, Picasso Trigger, Mistreater, Harlequin, Kryptic Kurse, RBT

$50.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Very rare cd pressing.  CD - 5531.  Original MTA pressing.  This is not a promotional copy. 

Blizzy Nation Band - "Armageddon Calling"

Super Lack - "I Don't Want to Talk Too Much"

Boomwerx Posse - "Young & Ya Restless"

Kryptic Kurse - "Nostradamus"

Mistreater - "Lifeline"

RBT - "No Sweat"

Picasso Trigger - "We Dress the Monkeys"

Harlequin - "Silent Rage"

Ramsey Petersson - "It's so Hard"

Yakman - "Their Bullshit"


Guaranteed to play perfectly.