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Magellan CD, Impending Ascension

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Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition, looks new.  Original Magna Carta Records Pressing. This is not a promotional version - no promo holes, promo slices, or promo marks.  

UPC: 026245108028
Artist: Magellan
Format: CD
Release Year: 1994
Record Label: Magna Carta
Genre: Art Rock, Rock & Pop

Track Listing
1. Estadium Nacional
2. Waterfront Weirdos
3. Songsmith
4. Virtual Reality
5. No Time for Words
6. Storms and Mutiny
7. Under the Wire

Album Notes
Magellan: Trent Gardner (vocals, keyboards); Wayne Gardner (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Hal Stringfellow Imbrie (vocals, bass).Personnel: Magellan (drums); Wayne Gardner (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Trent Gardner (vocals, keyboards, background vocals); Hal Stringfello Imbrie (vocals); Doane Perry (drums).Recording information: Audio Production Group, Sacramento, CA (06/1992-03/1993); H.O.S. Studios, Menlo Park, CA (06/1992-03/1993); Narnia Oaks Studio, Woodland Hills, CA (06/1992-03/1993).Magellan's Impending Ascension is a truly great progressive rock work. Following the same formula as the previous Hour of Restoration, Impending Ascension features better, more consistent songwriting and a harder-edged sound. "Estadium Nacional" and "Waterfront Weirdos," both 11-minutes long, get the album off to a great start. They both feature timing and melody changes that have to be heard to be appreciated. Combined with the new, harder-edged sound, it's clear that Magellan has found its niche with this album. "Songsmith" and "Virtual Reality" are excellent five-minute songs, with the former built around a strong guitar riff and the latter around a strong melody. The last song of any consequence, "Storms and Mutiny," another 11-minute song, is about Magellan namesake Ferdinand Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe. This song builds throughout, reaching great intensity by the end on both guitar and vocals. Impending Ascension is a classic progressive rock album. ~ David White

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