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Maelstrom CD, Step One, Radio Station Copy, WNMF

$5.00 USD

Cd and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  This was sent to a radio station (no promotional markings) and has the call letters, WNMF, written on the front insert and cd.  Cd case has very light wear and a silver security sticker on it, no cracks, looks great.  Original TAANG! Records Pressing.  This is not a promotional version - no promo holes, promo slices, or promo marks.  

1. Face the Music
2. Step One
3. Rise to the Occasion
4. Motivation
5. All I Need
6. Let the Fury
7. For Whom the Bell Tollls
8. Exclamation Point
9. Megamorphosis
10. Causing Effect
11. Eulogy
12. Mars
13. Who Are You? (Void)

Guaranteed to play perfectly.