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Hlidolf CD, V01d, RARE,Vidar Ermesjo, Hjarnidaudi,2002 Dragon Flight, Void, Vo1d

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Hlidolf - V01d  [Cat. No.:  DFRDoom001]
Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition, guaranteed to play perfectly.  Original 2002 Dragon Flight Records CD release.  From Norwegian musician Vidar Ermesjo, who later formed Hjarnidaudi, releasing Pain Noise March in 2006.  This title is long out-of-print and very hard to find.  This is NOT a promotional copy.  No need to ask, I do not sell bootlegs.
Review of Hlidolf - V01d
Hlidolf (the project of Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Vidar Ermesjo) created a haunting all-instrumental blend of doom-metal a` la Earth, gothic electronica a` la Lustmord, and cosmic music a` la Klaus Schulze with the 69-minute piece of V01d (DFRDoom, 2002). The hypnotic flow of distorted waves that always seem to dissolve but still continue to exist evoke distant echoes of supernova explosions propagating through empty (rhythm-less) space. The guitar basically duets with the rumble of its own echo. Far from being repetitive, every second is different, although identical, just like in the most impossible of Zen koans.