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Frank Black CD, Self-titled, S/T, Same, Pixies, BMG, Fibits: CD, LP & Cassette Store

$5.00 USD

Cds, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 1993 Elektra Records pressing, this a a BMG version.  This is not a promotional version, no promo holes, slices, or marks.

1. Los Angeles
2. I Heard Ramona Sing
3. Hang on to Your Ego
4. Fu Manchu
5. Places Named After Numbers
6. Czar
7. Old Black Dawning
8. Ten Percenter
9. Brackish Boy
10. Two Spaces
11. Tossed - (instrumental version)
12. Low Parry the Wind High
13. Adda Lee
14. Every Time I Go Around Here
15. Don't Ya Rile 'Em

Guaranteed to play perfectly.