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Dark Age CD, Self-titled, Japan Import,S/T, Same, RARE, ECD, 2004 Spiritual Beast

$30.00 USD

Dark Age  - Dark Age [Cat. No.: SBCD-1014]
Cd, case, and  inserts are in mint / near mint condition, guaranteed to play perfectly.  Original 2004 Remedy Records / Spiritual Beast Cd release, made in Japan.  This is an enhanced CD, featuring a video clip for the song "Trial By Fire".  This is NOT a promotional copy.  No need to ask, I do not sell bootlegs.
  1. Fix the Focus
  2. Zero
  3. Dare to Collapse
  4. Pulse of Minority
  5. Neokillers
  6. Nikita
  7. My Own Darkness
  8. Neurosis 404
  9. The Elegy of a Forgotten Science
  10. Suicide Solution (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
  11. Nikita (Remix)
  12. Trial By Fire (video clip)