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Kreator LP, Gods of Violence, NEW, (Sherbert DLP), 2 LP

$39.99 USD

LPs are in NEW condition.  Limited to 750 Worldwide. Red/White/Orange Sherbert colored vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with U.S. exclusive cover art.  Original 2017 Nuclear Blast Records pressing.  This is not a promotional version, no holes, slices or marks.

Side A
01. Apocalypticon
02. World War Now
03. Satan Is Real
04. Totalitarian Terror
Side B
01. Gods Of Violence
02. Army Of Storms
Side C
01. Hail To The Hordes
02. Lion With Eagle Wings
03. Fallen Brother
Side D
01. Side By Side
02. Death Becomes My Light

Make sure to read the Full in Bloom Music Kreator Bio.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.