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Accept CD, Restless & Wild, NEW

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CD, case and inserts are in NEW / Factory Sealed condition.  Portrait Records pressing EK 39213.  This is not a promotional copy.

1. Fast as a Shark
2. Restless and Wild
3. Ahead of the Pack
4. Shake Your Heads
5. Neon Nights
6. Get Ready
7. Demon's Night
8. Flash Rockin' Man
9. Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away
10. Princess of the Dawn

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Album Notes
Accept includes: Udo Dirkschneider (vocals); Hermann Frank Jr., Wolf Hoffman (guitar); Peter Baltes (bass); Stefan Kaufmann (drums).Personnel: Udo Dirkschneider (vocals); J?rg Fischer (guitar); Stefan Kaufmann (drums).Audio Mixer: Michael Wagener .Recording information: Dierks Studios, Cologne, Germany (03/1982-06/1982).Author: Udo Dirkschneider.Photographer: Stefan Bohle.Unknown Contributor Role: Herman Frank.In the rankings of heavy metal heroes, Accept are too often swept aside, but they were key in the creation of thrash and speed metal, two of the most dominant subgenres of the 1980s and beyond. Ample evidence for their contribution is presented on their fourth album, 1982's RESTLESS AND WILD. Opener "Fast as a Shark" is indeed that, racing full force with some of the fastest drumming to be heard up to that point. The rest of the album isn't nearly as juiced up, but features an undeniably tough metallic crunch that was virtually unmatched at the time. "Ahead of the Pack" is a spiked wristband anthem, perfect for shaking the foundations of a European soccer stadium, "Neon Nights" oozes after-dark danger, and "Flash Rockin' Man" prefigures Motley Crue by several years. BALLS TO THE WALL may be their calling card, but
 RESTLESS AND WILD is Accept in peak form.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.