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5 Bottles - Gene Simmons & KISS Cola Set - Root Beer, Cola, Cherry Kola

$30.00 USD

This is for 5 bottles - 1 KISS Cola (Misprint), 1 KISS Army Root Beer and 1 KISS Cherry Kola, 1 Gene Simmons Root Beer, 1 Gene Simmons Cola.  

KISS Cola (Misprint) :

There was a mistake on the initial printing of the KISS Cola.  All future bottles have cola spelled as 'Kola.'  The KISS Cola bottle for sale has the original label just like you see in the picture.


Empty Bottles = Overseas & Canada

WE CANNOT SHIP FULL BOTTLES OVERSEAS OR TO CANADA, DUE TO THE CARBONATION AND THE POSSIBILITY OF THE BOTTLES EXPLODING DURING TRANSIT.  SORRY!  If you would like us to ship empty bottles (with caps) overseas or to Canada, please purchase and we will ship the 5 empty bottles to you (caps included).  The caps will be taken off gently and will not be bent.  You can then fill them up with whatever liquid you want, put the caps back on and no one will know the difference.