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ChuckII Booker cd, Chuckii, Chuck

$15.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition. Original Atlantic Records release.  Has promo slice on spine, NO slices or promo holes on front insert or cd case.

UPC: 075678194726
Release Year: 1989

Track Listing
1. Don't You Know I Love U
2. Turned Away
3. Res Q Me
4. Hotel Happiness
5. Heavenly Father
6. Touch
7. That's My Honey
8. Let Me Love You
9. Oh Lover
10. Keep You Guard Up - (bonus track)
11. Turned Away (Extended 12" Mix)
12. Turned Away (Chuckii's Mix)

Album Notes
Personnel includes: Chuckii Booker (vocals); Donnell Spencer Jr. (vocals); Gerald Albright (saxophone); Selestine Booker (piano).Some nice soul, synthesized R&B, and urban contemporary ballads, with just the right blend of hip-hop flavored snippets, samples, and production. The former keyboardist for Tease, Chuckii Booker also proved a solid vocalist, not overly gifted but able to effectively deliver the slow songs and punctuate the uptempo tunes. ~ Ron Wynn

Guaranteed to play perfectly.