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Bush CD, The Science of Things

$5.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 1999 release. This is not a promotional version. 

1. Warm Machine
2. Jesus Online
3. The Chemicals Between Us
4. English Fire
5. Spacetravel
6. 40 Miles from the Sun
7. Prizefighter
8. The Diesease of the Dancing Cats
9. Altered States
10. Dead Meat
11. Letting the Cables Sleep
12. Mindchanger

Album Notes
Bush: David Guy Parsons, Robin James Goodridge, Gavin McGregor Rossdale, Nigel Kenneth Pulsford.Additional personnel: Gwen Stefani (vocals); Rosie Wetters (cello, strings); Sacha Puttnam (strings, piano); Aidan Love, Jony Rockstar (programming).Wired Strings includes: Claire Ashby, Alison Dodds (violin); David Lasserson (viola).Producers include: Gavin McGregor Rossdale.Personnel: Gwen Stefani (vocals); Alison Dodds, Claire Ashby (violin); David Lasserson (viola); Rosie Wetters (cello); Sacha Puttnam (strings, piano); The Wired Strings (strings); Johnny Rockstar, Aidan Love (programming).Audio Mixers: Clive Langer; Tom Elmhirst; David J. Holman; Alan Winstanley; Paul Palmer; Bush.Recording information: Air Studio; Mayfair Studios; Nigel's Place; Sarm Hook End; WEstside Studios; Whitfield St.Photographers: C.B. Smith; Chris Cuffaro; Pete Black; Kimberly Holt; Kevin Westenberg.Unknown Contributor Roles: Dave Guy Parsons; Robin Goodridge; Nigel Pulsford.On THE SCIENCE OF THINGS, Bush manages to provide a link to the sound of the band's previous albums without stagnating in a post-grunge mire of hard-rock cliches. Old-school fans needn't worry, Bush's trademark style is well represented here, as on the grinding, piledriver riffs of "English Fire" and that vaunted, Nirvana-derived loud-soft-loud dynamic shift on the alternately foreboding and explosive "Dead Meat."There's a distinct musical progression here as well, though. With its looped-sounding drum track, "The Chemicals Between Us" nods to electronica production values. "Letting the Cables Sleep" and "40 Miles From the Sun" are effectively pensive ballads that provide a valuable respite from the band's unrelenting sonic attack, though the songs' underlying darkness keeps them from seeming anomalous. If any further doubts lingered about Bush's refusal to be pigeonholed, there's even a guest vocal turn from No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.