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Brad CD, Welcome to Discovery Park, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Satchel, Fibits: CD, LP & Cassette Store

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Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition. Original Redline pressing. There is a promo hole on the barcode (pictured), no hole on front insert or cd case.

1. Brothers and Sisters
2. Shinin'
3. Drop It Down
4. Never Let Each Other Down
5. If You Could Make It Good
6. Revolution
7. Takin' It Easy
8. Sheepish
9. All Is One
10. Couch T-Bone
11. La, La La
12. You Are Yes
13. Arrakis

Contributing Artists:    Jeremy Toback
Producer:    Phil Nicolo, Brad, Skip Drinkwater

Album Notes
Brad: Shawn Smith (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, organ, synthesizer, bass, drums); Stone Gossard (acoustic & electric guitars, organ, synthesizer, bass); Mike Berg (guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, keyboards, synthesizer, bass); Regan Hagar (guitar, synthesizer, drums).Additional personnel: Thaddeus Turner (acoustic & electric guitars, bass); Jeremy Toback (bass); Elizabeth Pupo-Walker (percussion).Recorded at Studio Litho and Studio X, Seattle, Washington.Personnel: Shawn Smith (vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, organ, drum programming); Thaddeus Turner (guitar, acoustic guitar); Mike Berg (guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes piano, organ, keyboards, synthesizer); Stone Gossard (guitar, organ, synthesizer); Regan Hagar (guitar, synthesizer, drums).Audio Mixers: Matt Bayles; Phil Nicolo; Skip Drinkwater.Recording information: Studio Litho, Seattle, WA (05/2001-03/2002); Studio X, Seattle, WA (05/2001-03/2002).Photographer: Bruce Tom.Still offering the same kind of soft rock seen on Interiors but tempering it with a healthy dose of country, Brad steps into the next century with an album of breezy pop/rock. As on their last record, their songwriting hasn't quite caught up to their ambitions, but vocalist Shawn Smith is still a potent weapon. His thin croon gives tracks like "Shinin'" and "Yes, You Are" an emotional delicacy that would be lost on most other vocalists. By committing his beautiful voice to the songs here, he manages to really shape up a good portion of the album. "Drop It Down" is blatantly the worst song, a sloppy slab of jam rock that suffers from gutless production and a lack of swing. Luckily, they don't indulge their "funky" side nearly as much on this album. Unfortunately, while at their best on slow R&B-influenced ballads, that is also the one element of their sound they seem most willing to sacrifice, only letting it come out on the beautiful "Yes, You Are" and the lilting "Never Let Each Other Down." Surprisingly, the riff-driven "Revolution" is another good change of direction for the band, showcasing guitarist Stone Gossard's awesome mastery of mood and Smith's Prince-like screams. The members of Brad sound like they are attempting to make their albums less uneven, and they do a decent job of it. But they can't quite harness the magic they can pull off on a track-by-track basis, making this another quality album that still leaves the listener hungry overall for some better songs. ~ Bradley Torreano

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