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Boxing Gandhis CD, Self-titled, S/T, Same, Fibits: CD, LP & Cassette Store

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Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original Mesa Records release.  There is a tiny promo hole on the barcode, no hole on cd case.

1. If You Love Me (Why Am I Dyin')
2. Lose My Language
3. Stranded
4. In This House
5. 1st
6. Speak as One
7. Again and Again
8. For Your Attention
9. My Friend Tom
10. Free
11. Interesting Again
12. Born for This

Producer:    David Kitay, David Darling, Tom Weir, Dave Darling

Album Notes
Boxing Gandhis: Alfredo T. Ballesteros, Ernie Perez (vocals, saxophone), Brie Darling (vocals, percussion), David Darling (vocals, guitar, bass, percussion), David Kitay (vocals, guitar, percussion), Carl Sealove (bass), Steve Samuel (drums).Additional personnel: Babarumraisin Darling (sitar), Ted Andreadis (organ, accordion), Koz Kosinsky (organ), Guy Moon (keyboards), Randy Landas (upright bass), Davey Faragher (bass, background vocals), Paul Bushnell (bass, background vocals, percussion), "Java" Samuel (percussion), Tom Weir (background vocals).All songs written or co-written by David Darling.Personnel: Dave Darling, David Kitay (vocals, guitar, percussion); Alfredo T. Ballesteros, Ernie Perez (vocals, saxophone); Brie Darling (vocals, percussion); Tom Weir (vocals); Ted Andreadis (accordion, organ); Guy Moon (keyboards); Randy Landas (upright bass); Steve Samuel (drums); Java Samuel (bongos); Davey Faragher, Paul Bushnell (background vocals).Audio Mixer: Tom Weir.Recording information: Up At Daves House; Weir Bros., North Hollywood, CA.Photographer: Lori Stoll.A name as clever and amusing as the Boxing Gandhis gets one's attention. The late Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian activist who has often been compared to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. because of his commitment to social and political change through nonviolent activism--King, in fact, was inspired by Gandhi's example when he led the American civil rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s. Gandhi, a devout Hindu, firmly believed in the Hindu principle of "ahimsa" or non-violence--so he was hardly a boxer! But more important than the L.A. band's funny name, of course, is its music, and on this self-titled debut album, it offers a likable, though derivative, soul/rock mixture with a late 1960s/early 1970s flavor. Influenced by Sly and the Family Stone, War and others, the Gandhis are, like Lenny Kravitz, retro and proud of it. But while Kravitz's best work has sounded quite focused, the Gandhis come across as a bit undeveloped. The songs on this CD are generally decent, although none of them blow you away. Nonetheless, one could hear the Gandhis' potential. But the album wasn't a big seller, and commercial success continued to elude the little known band. ~ Alex Henderson

Guaranteed to play perfectly.