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Blue Magic CD, Greatest Hits, Best, Omni Records

$25.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original Omni / Atlantic Records Pressing.  

1. Sideshow
2. Stop to Start
3. Spell
4. What's Come Over Me
5. Three Ring Circus
6. Tear It Down
7. Look Me up (Remix)
8. Welcome to the Club
9. Chasing Rainbows
10. Summer Show
11. Just Don't Want to Be Lonely
12. Where Have You Been

Album Notes
In a perfect world, all of Blue Magic's '70s LPs would have been reissued on CD in the late '80s or '90s. But that didn't happen; when the 21st century arrived, most of the Philadelphia vocal group's '70s albums were out of print. However, various best-of packages were available on CD. The most comprehensive is The Best of Blue Magic: Soulful Spell, a superb 20-song collection that Rhino assembled in 1996. Less generous is Magic of the Blue: Greatest Hits; originally released on vinyl by Omni in 1986 and subsequently reissued on CD, Magic of the Blue: Greatest Hits only contains 12 songs. Most of the essential gems that are on Greatest Hits are also on Soulful Spell, and that includes Sideshow, Three Ring Circus, and Stop to Start, as well as Look Me Up, Spell, and What's Come Over Me (the original 1974 version, not the 1975 duet with Margie Joseph).

Guaranteed to play perfectly.