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Bazooka CD, Blowhole, NEW, Fibits: CD, LP & Cassette Store

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Cd, case and inserts are in NEW / factory sealed condition. Original SST Records pressing. This is not a promotional version, no promo holes, slices, or marks.

1. The (4 2BH) Procedure
2. Screwcifer
3. My Favorite Pearl
4. Clowngasm (Our Sunshine Super Day)
5. Terror Bears Have Torn Apart Our Lawyers
6. Five Years in Space
7. Billie's Bounce
8. Painful Therapeutic Process
9. Bring on the Painkillers
10. The Money Shot
11. Rhythm-A-Ning
12. Turkey Tenders
13. Pimp's Last Words
14. G-Man

Album Notes
Personnel: Vince Meghrouni (flute, drums); Tony Atherton (saxophone).Recording information: Silverlake Sound CA (12/04/1993-12/12/1993).Photographer: Linda Lewis.It is difficult to articulate just what makes Bazooka such an interesting band and Blowhole such a fine album. There are other bands that play jazz with rock fervor and wild abandon, but few who do so with anything approaching this level of pure musicianship. Bill Crawford's inspired bass work doesn't merely lay the foundation for Tony Atherton's inspired sax freakouts, the bass is the lead instrument for lengthy portions of the album and an equal partner in the melodic lines throughout the rest. Blowhole is also a showcase for Vince Meghrouni's drumming, which is inspired and subtle -- he can thrash with the best of them, but Meghrouni commands a very wide dynamic and can get high mileage out of delicate fills and quick flourishes. What puts this album over the top is probably the combination of virtuosity, teamwork, and compositions that allows the band to show off all these abilities to the utmost. Bazooka has many fine albums in its catalog, but Blowhole stands high even against the group's high standard of excellence. ~ Richard Foss

Guaranteed to play perfectly.