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Bad Company CD, 10 from 6, Paul Rodgers

$5.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original Atlantic Records release. This is not a promotional version. 

UPC: 075678162527
Release Year: 1986
Record Label: Atlantic (Label)

Track Listing
1. Can't Get Enough
2. Feel Like Makin' Love
3. Run with the Pack
4. Shooting Star
5. Movin' On
6. Bad Company
7. Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
8. Electric Land
9. Ready for Love
10. Live for the Music

Album Notes
Bad Company: Paul Rodgers (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano); Mick Ralphs (guitar); Boz Burrell (bass); Simon Kirke (drums).10 FROM 6, meaning 10 tracks from 6 Bad Company albums, actually contains songs from only 5 of their albums.Personnel: Paul Rodgers (guitar, accordion, piano); Simon Kirke (drums).Unknown Contributor Role: Mick Ralphs.For fans of the classic, original Bad Company line-up (Paul Rodgers, Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell, and Simon Kirke), you can't beat 1985's hits collection 10 FROM 6: BEST OF BAD COMPANY--the title refers to ten prime Bad Co. cuts. Name a Bad Co. classic and it's likely to be here--"Can't Get Enough," "Feel Like Making Love," "Shooting Star," "Rock n' Roll Fantasy," "Ready for Love," and the slow-burning "Bad Company" have all become rock radio standards. If you're looking for just the crFme de la crFme of Rodgers, Ralphs, Burrell, and Kirke, purchasing 10 FROM 6: BEST OF BAD COMPANY is a no brainer.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.