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Alias CD, Self-titled, Same, S/T, Sheriff, FREDDY CURCI

$15.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition.  Original 1990 EMI Records Pressing. This is not a promotional version - no promo holes, promo slices, or promo marks.  

"Say What I Wanna Say" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:45)
"Haunted Heart" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi, S. Diamond) (3:52)
"Waiting for Love" (B. Walker, J. Paris) (4:38)
"The Power" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:26)
"Heroes" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (5:22)
"What to Do" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:18)
"After All the Love Is Gone" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi, R. Neigher, J. Paris) (4:17)
"More Than Words Can Say" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (3:54)
"One More Chance" (R. Neigher, Fee Waybill, J. Dexter) (3:37)
"True Emotion" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi) (4:59)
"Standing in the Darkness" (F. Curci, S. DeMarchi, D. DeMarchi) (4:34)

Guaranteed to play perfectly.