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Al Di Meola CD, Elegant Gypsy

$5.00 USD

Cd, case and inserts are in mint / near mint condition. Original Columbia Records pressing.  This is not a promotional copy. 

1. Flight Over Rio
2. Midnight Tango
3. Mediterranean Sundance
4. Race With the Devil on Spanish Highway
5. Sister of Brazil Lady of Rome
6. Elegant Gypsy Suite

Album Notes
DiMeola made his name as a member of Chick Corea's groundbreaking fusion supergroup Return To Forever, but it wasn't long before he embarked on a solo career, of which this album is the second installment. DiMeola takes the electric, rock-inflected jazz approach of John McLaughlin and multiplies it exponentially, upping both the wattage and the speed. He offers a few lyrical acoustic passages (foreshadowing his later collaborations with Paco DeLucia [who guests here] and McLaughlin), but the focus of ELEGANT GYPSY is DiMeola's blistering, mile-a-minute electric fretwork. He spins out endless lines of death-defying sixteenth notes, sometimes in tandem with synth wizard Jan Hammer, over slightly funky rhythms that bear a hint of Latin influence. His thick, overdriven tone and superhuman abilities, displayed to their fullest here, make the Eddie Van Halens of the world look like underachievers.

Guaranteed to play perfectly.